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1. Virtual Reality (VR)

VR technology has been around for a while, but the difference in 2018 is the technology improvements.

VR is now widespread enough that many of the original kinks have been worked out.

Plus, with the easy availability of cheap VR accessories like the Google Cardboard, anyone can use VR.

Plus, VR is still exciting enough to generate some hype.

App developers who use VR in an innovative, useful way could have a hit app on their hands.

2. Apps In The Cloud

Phone space is a limited resource, and users don’t want apps to use up a ton of their precious memory.

That’s why developers are looking to put less of the actual app on the phone itself.

In 2018, more developers are taking advantage of cloud computing, having the phone simply get most of the information from the cloud.

However, since many users still don’t have constant internet connection, this is still a risky move.

With no offline mode, an app in the cloud could be useless for some people without a data plan.

3. Security

People are becoming more aware that the apps on their phone can be security risks, leaving them and their personal data vulnerable.

To keep customers’ trust in your apps, and to prevent your app from appearing as the latest data breach on the news, focus on building top-notch security features.

4. Micro-Apps For Business

Instead of big, powerful enterprise apps, micro-apps can be a great business solution for small functions.

They should be developed to let people work on their business from their phone.

Whether you are developing an app for a certain company or making a tool for small business owners, making something useful for the businessperson on the go is a great way to get popular.

5. Progressive Web Apps

In a progressive web app, the app itself runs in a web browser, creating a hybrid app/internet experience.

Just like apps in the cloud, it means these apps don’t take up as much space.

Plus, they are easy to develop and customize.

Users can benefit from a simpler, web-based UI design.

Wrapping Up: Taking Advantage Of Mobile App Trends

These are the top 5 mobile app trends so far in 2018.

By staying on the cutting edge of these trends and starting to develop your app idea now, you can keep one step ahead of the competition.

Do you need some help handling your app’s development? Check back to this blog regularly for the latest on app development to stay in tune with the latest trends.


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